Prince Valiant Launches

On February 13, 1937, Hal Foster launched his legendary epic Prince Valiant with these first three panels. The scans are from his original uncolored art (via the Fantagraphics Studio Edition) and illustrate Foster’s masterful use of light and shadows to render his forms. Full first Sunday below

The Fantagraphics Studio Edition is absolutely magnificent in sampling original art across the decades of Foster’s run. And surprisingly, it is still available at its original price. For more on Valiant’s art see our review of his bestiary, and a peek at his use of near nudity.

One thought on “Prince Valiant Launches

  1. Oh, my! The Studio Edition is such a dream!
    In the Madrid Comic exposition, this summer, I saw some Foster`s originals. The famous “Andelkrag” panel and some great others. I almost cried of emotin!
    Thanks for the post

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